Christmas trees


Where do the trees sold by My Abies come from ?

My Abies only work with swiss Christmas tree producers. Your tree will come from the closest producer in your region.

Which type of tree do My Abies offer ?

Different species, sizes and qualities of trees are offered according to the availability of each producer. When your order, only the trees available at the producer of your region will be proposed to you.

The most popular Christmas tree, the Nordmann fir, is available by every My Abies producers. The Pungens, which is a blue fir and the Fraser, which is the classic Christmas tree in North America, are only offered at certain producers.

The proposed sizes range is from 80 cm to 300 cm. The size is measured from the first to the last crown of branches.

Every producers offer premium trees. Some of them also offer second choice trees, which have some irregularities.



When can I have my tree delivered ?

At the end of your order, you'll be able to choose the delivery date of your choice. My Abies offers at least 1 delivery date per week for every region. Deliveries usually take place the 4 weeks before Christmas.

If you want My Abies to take care of the recycling of your tree, you can also select a pick up date for your tree, during the first 2 weeks of January.

How does the delivery takes place ?

My Abies delivers the Christmas trees during the day you chose when you placed your order. The delivery man will be pleased to drop off your tree at the place you want in your home. If you're not home, he will leave your tree in front of your door or at the place you specified in your order.

The delivery takes place between 7:30 and 19:00. No more precise schedule can be given for delivery. Thanks for your understanding. If you are a company, you can indicate your opening hours in your order, so that the delivery can take place during this time slot.



How can I order my Christmas tree ?

Orders can only be made on the website At the time of your order, the products as well as the delivery dates displayed will depend on actual availability.

A minimum delay of 2 days is necessary between the order and the delivery of your tree. But it is possible to reserve your tree well in advance and choose a delivery date just before Christmas.

Payment is made at the time of order via one of our 3 secure partners: TWINT, Klik&Pay (credit cards) and Swissbilling (invoice). Payment on delivery is not possible.

How can I cancel my order ?

It is possible to cancel your order up to 48 hours before the chosen delivery date. To do so, just send us an email at The order will be refunded minus CHF 30.00 cancellation fee.

Reception and taking care of your tree


How to take care of your tree ?

Upon delivery, your tree will have spent several days in a net to protect it during transportation. It may take 2-3 days to open properly, but don't hesitate to press on its branches to help it do so. The first few days all the needles caught in the net will gradually fall out, which does not mean that your tree is already dry.

In order to keep it fresh as long as possible, avoid putting your tree near a heat source (fireplace, radiator, bay window). Moistening the branches and/or using a base containing water (Krinner tree stand) will keep your tree fresh for a few more days.

What should I do if I don't like the tree I received ?

If you don't like your tree, you can contact our customer service by email at within 2 days after delivery indicating the problem and sending a photo of your tree. The My Abies team will get back to you very quickly to offer you a solution.

Sustainable commitments of My Abies


Is My Abies really a local service ?

My Abies only collaborates with swiss Christmas trees producers. In addition, you will be put in touch wth the producer in your region to ensure that your tree does not cross the entire country.

Delivery is made by local companies with less activity in winter and that are already active in the deliveries of Christmas trees.

How does My Abies remunerate its producers ?

My Abies buys the trees from the growers at a generous price compared to the rest of the market. The production of a fir tree requires 10 years of work and this work is mainly manual. It is therefore important to allow producers to make a living from their production without the need for external help.

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